What You See Is What You Get.



Farm Dog Naturals uses ingredients you can trust to be gentle but effective. Sustainability is an important part of our mission. Each ingredient is sourced from organic or chemical free suppliers. We are proud to say that we source our peppermint, lavender, apricot kernel oil, aloe butter, candelilla wax, mineral salts, extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, and roman chamomile essential oil from within the United States.

Fair Trade and Above Standard

Because Farm Dog is a small growing company, we must depend on others to help us find overseas ingredients. We use GreenAmerica.org certified companies for this purpose. Companies with this certification have the highest standards when it comes to the foreign production of raw ingredients. This insures the integrity of our overseas ingredients and their Fair Trade status. One of our favorite suppliers is Mountain Rose Herbs.  

As company policy, we do not source our ingredients or packaging from China. If you have any questions about how or where we source our ingredients please contact us. We would be happy to answer any question that you might have.




Simple Ingredients

   Cruelty-Free / GMO-FREE / Vegan-Friendly

Ingredients With A Mission


We are what we eat and that goes for our dogs too. Living with purpose and making choices means we need to take responsibility for knowing where the ingredients for the products we use come from, how they were produced, and  what sort of environmental footprint was required to grow them.

Farm Dog is working to build relationships with small farms that utilize sustainable practices that enrich the soil, preserve clean water, and limit pollution.  It is our goal to offer products that you can trust and it is knowing where ingredients come from that helps us ensure that we are doing just that.
Farm Dog Naturals encourages woman-owned or minority owned ingredient companies to contact us as suppliers. We are always looking for ethical suppliers of GMO-FREE ingredients.