Rooted In Necessity

It all started with a snot nosed, smooshed faced, wrinkly little pug.

Enter Rita

In early 2000, I soon found myself knee deep in the dog rescue world in the form of a pug. Together, with a few amazing women, we started the first holistic pug dog rescue.


While rehabilitating the pugs, we had to help them deal with their symptoms but we didn't want to resort to steroids or antibiotics if we didn't need to. Salvation and Restore salves were born. Restore to heal any punctures, bacterial ear infections, and to stop the biting, scratching and incessant licking. Salvation was used to grow the pug's hair back and deal with crusty noses and yeast.

Enter Lynn

I met Lynn, my partner in Farm Dog Naturals, while running pug rescue.  She owned Dizzy's Dog Wash & Corner Store, a holistic dog food store and dog wash. Not only did Lynn agree to sell my salves and cleaners, she also gave us all of our dog food at cost so we could feed our rescue pugs holistic food rather than commercial crap. Lynn's vast knowledge of canine nutrition was invaluable to the health and well being of our rescue pugs.

Lynn and I formed an immediate bond that led to establishing Farm Dog Naturals. It was easy being that we both came from backgrounds in animal welfare, environmental stewardship and natural dog care.

Hello It's Us. Farm Dog.

Lynn and I continued to work with one another promoting the power of holistic animal care. In 2007 we made the decision to form Farm Dog Naturals. 

Looking up towards the future.

The future of Farm Dog Naturals involves sharing the All Natural Dog experience. Along with developing amazing herbal products you can trust, we are out to impact your everyday choices and inspire you to live in sync with the natural world.