Farm Dog Naturals

Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner Concentrate

$ 10.99
  • Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner Concentrate

Farm Dog Naturals

Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner Concentrate

$ 10.99


Refill (Ree-fil) noun 1. a material, supply, or the like, to replace something that has been used up.

Relief Concentrates are 1 ounce bottles of concentrated all natural pet urine remover.

So powerful, that one small bottle makes 24 ounces of our Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner.

No Mess. No Measuring. No Problem.

Relief Concentrates are easy to use. They also make you feel good knowing that you are saving finite resources and reducing the amount of plastic bottles being added to landfills and our planet's oceans. Just say no to shipping water if you don't have to.

Benefits of using Relief Concentrates:

  • Easy to use, just pour the concentrate into a 24 oz bottle and fill with water

  • Relief eliminates urine and associated odors permanently

  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Diluted Relief concentrate can be used as a waterless bath for your dog

Relief Concentrates are an easy way to save time, money and resources.


Directions: Pour a Relief Concentrate into 24 ounce sprayer and fill with water. Shake well and start cleaning.



All Of Our Ingredients Are GMO-FREE, Cruelty-Free, And Vegan-Friendly.


Relief Concentrate's Simple Herbal Ingredients: Aqueous extracts of organic mineral salts and organic lavender essential oils. All ingredients are Non-GMO.  Not For Cats.  Ok in Cat Boxes. 

We Put Love For Dogs and The Environment In Everything We Do. Healthy Dog. Happy Planet.