Farm Dog Naturals

Save with our Salvation and Restore Duo

$ 31.98
  • Save with our Salvation and Restore Duo

Farm Dog Naturals

Save with our Salvation and Restore Duo

$ 31.98

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Salvation and Restore Duo. Two Jars of Happiness. One Effective Medical Kit For Dogs!  Saves $5

Salvation and Restore work together to help dog owners with At Home Care. Each duo treats punctures, itching, scratching, hot spots, ear infections, wounds, bug bites, yeast, bacteria, and much more.

Salvation Benefits:

  • Treats dry flaky skin and topical inflammations 

  • Smoothes crusty dog nose in as little as 5 days

  • Clears up yeast on your dog's skin and ears

  • Works quickly to restore raw paw pads

 Restore Benefits:

  • Stops itching so your dog will stop licking their paws

  • Helps keep secondary infections from occuring

  • Treats flea dermatitis reactions, bug bites and rashes

  • Heals punctures from the inside out


RX: Directions for Restore can be found on the Restore Page. Directions for Salvation can be found on our Salvation Page.
All Of Our Ingredients Are GMO-FREE, Cruelty Free And Vegan Friendly.


Simple Herbal Ingredients   

Salvation's Simple Herbal Ingredients: Organic coconut, Organic olive extra virgin, almond and apricot kernel oils. Mango, Organic Shea, and Aloe butters. Candelilla wax and organic calendula herb.  Essential oils of organic petitgrain, ylang ylang, organic peppermint and organic lavender.  Organic vitamin E.  All ingredients are GMO-Free.

Restore's Simple Herbal Ingredients: Cherry kernel, organic rose hips oil, organic hemp, almond, apricot kernel, organic pumpkin, karanja and organic neem oils. Unrefined Shea Butter. Echinacea, yellow dock and catnip herb. Essential oils of carrot seed, frankincense and Geranium. Organic vitamin E.  

All ingredients are GMO-FREE.  For dogs & horses only. Not for cats


We Put Love For Dogs and The Environment In Everything We Do. Healthy Dog. Happy Planet.