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Frequently Asked Questions

Farm Dog infuses herbs into our formulas. You may occasionally see a small piece of herb in our salves. These are perfectly safe and will not harm your animal.

Harmony is for cases of confirmed yeast, and it can sometimes make the paws red for a few days. Allow for a few days, but if it gets worse, or you are concerned, discontinue use.

Because of some of the various herbs and essential oils used in our products, we don’t recommend using them for cats.

Although our products are for external use only, they’re safe if ingested. Discontinue internal use and use externally as directed.

As our products are 100% natural, they can take time to work. However, if you feel it is not delivering the results you’d hoped, you can return the product to us within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

We aim to get orders out as soon as we can. Sometimes delays do happen, so if you’d like a shipping update, please email us at hello@farmdognaturals for an update on your tracking.