Relax Stress and Anxiety Formula


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Take the edge off naturally with Relax Stress & Anxiety calmative.

Our unique formula can help your dog cope with the stressors of everyday life.

This all natural formula is used externally, just inside your animal’s ear, making it very easy to apply.



Calm Your Dog & Help Them Find Their Happy Place

Relax is an external remedy for your dog’s stress and anxiety. For you? Bliss.


Benefits of Relax Herbal Stress & Anxiety Formula

All-natural, non-habit forming, non-toxic, easy to use. Helps treat stress and anxiety related to situations like thunderstorms, car rides, meeting new people, and vet visits.

Makes holidays with fireworks (New Year’s Eve, July 4th) or large groups a breeze. Treats chronic behaviors like barking, pacing, spinning, separation anxiety, and more.

Directions for Use

Relax is an external aromatherapy treatment.

Apply two or three drops of Relax to your dog’s inner ear flaps and chin.

Relax can be applied up to 3 times daily.



Organic petitgrain, marjoram, ylang-ylang, Turkish rose attar, roman and blue chamomile, and organic lavender essential oils in a base of organic avocado oil.

All of our ingredients are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.

For dogs and horses only. Not for cats.

10 reviews for Relax Stress and Anxiety Formula

  1. Karen Blestbecker

    I was skeptical but Relaxed worked to calm my skipper key Max when people come over and on walks. I just apply it to him on his ear flaps and neck (as directed) and in 15-20 minutes he is much calmer. Thank you!

  2. susanne V

    Really like the three products I’ve used for various issues with our much loved boxer boy. He deals with “high anxiety” during thunder storms & Relief provides him with a degree of comfort. I really don’t like the delivery system of the bottle…..a very small hole that requires much shaking to get even the smallest amount onto my dogs ear or or my finger to apply to his chin. This can be frustrating when he’s shaking & trying to find a safe place to hide in.

    Thanks for very good products which we use often.

  3. Madaliene L

    I’ve used this product only twice, but my 11 year old Silky Terrier seemed to be more relaxed when it was applied. I will continue to use this when she exhibits signs of anxiety.

  4. McClain E

    I like it. I have four dogs and only one of them seems to get stressed about fireworks, but July 4th was approaching, so I decided to buy Relax and try it out on all of them. I followed the recommended protocol to begin applying it inside their ears a few days before the stressful event. They don’t seem to be bothered by my putting it inside their ear and I liked how nice it makes the dogs smell. They did seem a bit mellow when I used it, and the dog that occasionally paces and pants during fireworks, didn’t display that behavior this year. I plan to continue using it.

  5. Dr. S

    Not only is our dog generally suspicious of anything aromatic, he also tends to “crate himself” whenever he detects most floral scents. We have been using Relax on him prior to walk time for one week, and have seen a badly needed and noticeable sense of ease. We have a feeling we will be purchasing more, as we also enjoy the product.

  6. Sonja P

    I had read about Relax for Dogs. I used it on my dog when the next storm approached. It worked great. My dog was the most relaxed I have seen during the storm. No shaking, no panting, no pacing the floor. I would highly recommend this to anyone owning a dog that is afraid of storms

  7. Steve Sliwinski

    I purchased the product based upon the quality of the products offered at farm Dog Naturals and I was not disappointed this past 4th of 2 out of 4 Jack Russell Terriers needed it and it definitely had taken the edge off their fears, I also let a friend of ours try some and she also confirmed that it worked on her Jack Russell Terrier ( if it work’s on a Jack it should work on anything, highly recommend it ??

  8. Mona

    ‘Relax’ is helping my girl who has severe separation anxiety. And if it’s helping her, it’s helping me, so I wanted to share our experience.
    I was skeptical trying Relax because I’ve tried things like flower essences, CBD, lavender and bark collars

    Lucy has such severe anxiety when she knows I’m leaving and while I’m gone. I can feel the tension coming off of her. and it raises my blood pressure putting us both into a crises. Trying to get Lucy to relax so I can place her in her crate has been the biggest challenge. However, nowadays I place a drop or two of Relax on her ear flaps and her chin and I can hear her take a deep breath, and I can feel her body relax. It’s been a whole new and positive experience getting her in her crate and walking out the door. The best part is she just whimpers now when I leave and is much more relaxed while I’m away.
    I’m very pleased with this product. It smells good and I know it’s super ‘clean’ because Rita only uses the best sourced products in her line.

  9. Jessica

    Relax is our favorite anxiety reducing natural product out there! We have a highly anxious dog and have tried everything, meds to oils to environmental adaptations. This is the only thing that works for her and it’s even more effective than cbd.

  10. Cyndi

    I’m curious about the ylang ylang added to this formula. It is poisonous to dogs. Ive emailed the company 3 times for a reason it is added, with no response. I see that the reviews are good, but I would like to know why it was chosen. Maybe someone here can answer my question. My Golden Retriever, Riley, has mild anxiety and thought this product would help, just a little nervous to use it. Thanks in advance.

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