Salvation and Restore Duo


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Salvation and Restore work together to help dog owners with At Home Care. Each duo treats punctures, itching, scratching, hot spots, ear infections, wounds, bug bites, yeast, bacteria, and much more.


7 reviews for Salvation and Restore Duo

  1. Joyce B

    cleared up my dogs skin within days! Nothing else has worked and get rashes kept coming back

  2. Pennye J

    We have been carrying Farm Dog Naturals for almost 2 years at The Big bad Woof, and they has become one of our best “go to” products for any type skin issue. Great products and really personal service.

  3. David C

    Applied salves to hotspots and they cleated in two days. Hair is growing back in Bella’s true colors. Very impressive products! Best regards, David Combs

  4. Bernadette K

    Great products. Has helped my dogs skin. I will say though we have to watch him closely otherwise he would like it all off.

  5. Linda S

    without these wonderful products my dog would never get relief from his itching. I also used Restore on a Spider bite on my neck. After one day the swelling and soreness were 90 % better. Thank you Farm Dog people for a healthy alternative to Allergy side affects

  6. Nicole S

    I rescued a dog who had severe flea dermatitis. Poor girl- but I used restore to heal the skin and have seen great progress!! The dander has decreased dramatically and starting to see regrow th of her fur! Thank you soooo much

  7. Angel

    My pup has been suffering the effects of leaky gut, which look a lot like food allergies: itchy/runny eyes, hot spots, itchy feet and legs, raw lips, incessant scratching, and high anxiety. Although changing his diet and adding supplements have helped I couldn’t bear watching him suffer so I ordered this duo along with your relax serum. After just two applications of Relax, Mayfield went from being a dog who barks the whole time I am gone from the house to one who barks a few times when I leave and a few times when he hears me come through the front door! He was not thrilled about having Restore rubbed into his feet but once he realized that his itching went away, he didn’t fight me the second time around! I found Salvation works more effectively than I expected and only need to apply about once a day. Incredible bargains considering they actually WORK! Thank you Farm Dog Naturals!

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