Salvation Dry Skin and Crusty Nose Salve – 2oz


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Salvation is a multipurpose healing salve for your dog’s skin, paws, ears, and nose.

Salvation heals crusty dog nose, dry paws and topical inflammations.



15 reviews for Salvation Dry Skin and Crusty Nose Salve – 2oz

  1. Jen B

    Fixed our pug’s nose up in less than three days. Only thing that has worked for us. Love that it didn’t irritate her more. She actually lets us rub it on!

  2. Jerald R

    Is really heal ping the sores on the inside of my dogs ear flaps ,smells great , and very soothing to him.

  3. Nadia M

    I used the healing salve on my pugs nose and within a week we noticed a huge difference! His nose looks so shiny and no more crust lumps. His nose feels so soft again:-). Thank you farm dog naturals for an amazing all natural product!!

  4. Anna-Marie K

    I’m impressed! In just a few days my Bullies nose ears and paw pads are so much improved.. My Bully was limping & holding his paws I put the salve on his cracked pads and in 2 days he was back to his rambunctious self… I will be ordering more

  5. Beverely M

    My German Shepherd suffers from a crusty, cracking nose every winter, and I have tried many oils, creams, etc. to resolve the issue. None have given the results that Salvation Healing Salve has provided!! In approximately 1 week his nose is almost smooth again!!! I would highly recommend this product! It took a little longer to arrive (ordered during the Christmas rush), but was well worth the wait!!

  6. Victoria W

    This salve makes a difference–I know because when I get lazy or just plain forget to apply it, my dog’s “crusty stuff” comes back. This product has been the most effective thing I’ve tried for the problem so far–including two prescriptions from the vet. I highly recommend it

  7. Mellissa G

    I absolutely can’t believe how quickly and nicely this product worked! It smells pretty bad and my dog didn’t like the smell but it is worth it. I am extremely happy and amazed at how well this salve worked. I recommend it to all!!!

  8. Amy J

    This stuff is really amazing! My dog has an auto immune disease called Pemphigis Foliaceus which gives her a lot of skin problems. She’s always extremely itchy, crusty and scabby. Within one day I notice a difference in her skin. She’s more comfortable when I apply it and her fur is starting to grow back. She’s had this condition for about a year now and it got so bad that I thought I may have to put her down because of how awful it was for her, being so itchy and uncomfortable. No drug from the vet work. These creams have, in a lot of ways saved my dogs life; especially the ‘Restore’ cream. She’s not depressed anymore. She enjoys playing and walking again. A year ago she wouldn’t leave the house. If you tried to take her for a walk she would just sit there and not move. I will definitely be buying more. I think these creams would really help any dog with any skin problem. The only improvement they could make is sell a bigger jar! Thank you, Farm Dog Naturals. Carly (my dog) and I are so greatful for your products. They are incredible.

  9. Adele A

    My Pugs nose was crusty for years and I tried so many products, but nothing helped. After the third day of putting Salvation on my dog’s nose it was totally healed! Thank you so much for this great product!!!!!

  10. sharon B

    I love the salve and have ordered them twice.

  11. Kim

    I bought this because I had noticed my baby boy dog’s nose was starting to become dry and cracked. I can’t attest to how well it works for him yet because it’s only been one day and each time I’ve applied it, he manages to somehow rub or lick it off. HOWEVER, I had a dry patch on my lip that wasn’t going away, no matter how much I exfoliated and moisturized it. Just for S&G, I decided to dab a little of this stuff on the dry patch. After less than a day, the dry patch is healed!

  12. Gracie

    Jock and knee rub spots, superficial chafing and healing heel bulbs from overreaching- just love how it promotes a quick heal and same color hair growth! I wish it came in a bigger jar as I have a big sport horse mare to use it on!

  13. Amy R

    We have a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier, both with dry crusty noses. One of the assistants at Mud Bay (pet supply store) recommended Salvation and said that he used it on his 3 dogs and had really good results. I am ecstatic to say that within a week, my dogs’ noses were much better. I started out applying it twice a day and have dropped it down to once a day. I am a believer Now. Thank you!

  14. Rebecca Palmeri

    This stuff has saved my poor dogs nose. I have tried products from other companies but salvation is by far the BEST!

    Thank you so much for making this magic in a jar ❣️

  15. Lou Ross

    I bought Salvation for my Bulldog Franks nose ,it was so cracked and awful .I am truly amazed how well it has worked ,Ive been rubbing a tiny bit onto his nose for 2 weeks at night before bed and the rough spikey parts have almost disappeared, I reckon give it another week and his nose will be back to normal ,Thankyou Farm Dog for such an awsome product. Lou

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