Restore Itch Relief and Hot Spot Salve – 1oz


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Restore can be used everyday to quickly heal dog hot spots, bug bites and as an effective flea dermatitis remedy. An excellent addition to your holistic medicine kit to help heal cuts, scrapes, punctures, and open wounds.

Use it for:

• Bug Bites
• Chews and Licks Paws
• Hot Spots
• Flea Dermatitis
• Itchy Incisions
• Rashes
• Punctures
• Smelly Itchy Ears
• Scratches and Scrapes



Is your dog itching and scratching? Are they allergic to fleas or have other bug bites?

Restore is an itch remedy for dogs. This all-natural itch relief salve stops itching on contact to keep dogs from biting, scratching, and licking their paws and skin.


Benefits of Restore Itch Relief & Wound Care Salve

Stops itching on contact and keeps your dog from acquiring a secondary infection.

Powerful herbal formula heals hot spots, bug bites, and flea dermatitis.

Restore helps heal wounds, cuts, and scrapes from the inside out.

Can be used in your dog’s ear to help heal minor infections and ear itching.


Cherry kernel, organic rose hips oil, organic hemp, almond, apricot kernel, organic pumpkin, karanja and organic neem oils. Unrefined Shea Butter. Echinacea and yellow dock. Essential oils of carrot seed, frankincense and Geranium. Organic vitamin E.

Natural Product Alert! Farm Dog infuses herbs into our formulas. You may occasionally see a small piece of herb in our salves.

All of our ingredients are non-GMO, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.




Apply to Restore twice daily to the affected area or as needed for itching and scratching.

For General Wound Care: Apply ample amounts of Restore to the wound and let it sit for 6-8 hours, clean the wound out with sterile gauze and antiseptic then reapply. Let the wound heal naturally. Use our Salvation Salve to quickly grow your dog’s hair back.

For Bacterial Ear Infections: Asking yourself “what can I do about my dog’s bacterial ear infection?” Use Restore. Apply a small amount of Restore to the inside of your dog’s ear and let it melt into their ear canal. Wait 24 hours, gently clean the outer ear and reapply. Continue until symptoms disappear. If symptoms persist, consult your veterinarian.

For Abscess or Excessive Wound Scabbing: Does your dog have an abscess with a scab on top? Do they have a puncture or a wound that needs to stay open and clean so that it can heal? Use Restore. Apply an ample amount of Restore to the scabbed area and leave on overnight. In the morning, take a warm dampened clean cloth and gently wipe the scab away.

Clean the wound out with sterile gauze and antiseptic then reapply Restore. Cover for a couple of hours if needed. In the case of an abscess, gently remove the pus out of the wound before cleaning it. Repeat the process daily until the open wound (and abscess) have closed up on their own without scabbing. After this happens, follow instructions under General Wound Care. If you see any excessive swelling of the area, consult your veterinarian.

For dogs & horses only. Not for cats.

22 reviews for Restore Itch Relief and Hot Spot Salve – 1oz

  1. Deb B.

    I love this product! I have tried others that have not worked. Not only does this heal and stop itching but my dogs do not run from me when it is time to apply it. My only regret is that I did not find and use it sooner!

  2. Joyce B

    cleared up my dogs skin within days! Nothing else has worked and get rashes kept coming back

  3. Sonja H

    This product is great! My poor boy was all red on his tummy from an allergy and this product gave him relief.

  4. Rita F

    I really like the cream for my dog. It seems to be helping him.

  5. Beth S

    I like that this product is a salve. We are currently using as needed, but so far this product appears to control the itching better than several other natural products I have tried. I also really like that it does not have a strong odor/any odor!

  6. Marian S

    Helped my dog through a bout with Demodex Mange. Used around his eye and it is clearing up.

  7. MJH

    My dog has numerous severe environmental allergies that can result in seasonal hot spots. We’ve tried multiple ways (traditional medical and natural) to mitigate the itchiness and help let the hot spots heal. The Restore salve has been the only topical treatment my dog has let me apply without protest, which tells me that it must really make him feel better. We’re really glad we found Farm Dog Naturals!

  8. Eleyena B

    I used Restore on my dog’s stitches after a small surgery. I didn’t want to put a tee shirt on him as it was summer and he has a double coat. It’s been amazing. No scratching as his hair is growing back. One day I forgot to put it on him in the morning, and I came home after work to find that the areas were red where he’d scratched. I’ve never forgotten it again. Now that his hair is growing back and the itch has gone, I’ll start using Salvation. Thanks for your great products, they really work!

  9. Virgina L

    Helps relieve itching and licking and heal up wounds and hot spots. Love that is is safe and natural!

  10. Tim K

    Product work wonders. I applied it to my dog’s paws and the relief was very quick.

  11. Sapir

    This salve is beyond amazing!! My Coco has terrible skin allergies & she’s itching none stop. She’s also allergic to flees, with one flee bite can set her off. I’m constantly trying to remedy her skin issues, hot spots, and pure misery. I’ve tried every product under the sun literally, including Accupuncture & Chinese herbs. We’ve even gone the steroid & antibiotics path out of desperation, to only have it get worse. This stuff is a life saver, I kid you not. Her itching stopped on contact & her hot spots & redness heals at lightning speed. Whom ever created this product is pure genius & Coco and I are forever grateful to you.
    Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

    p.s~ We’re now using Salvation to help her hair grow back. We just started using it, so I can’t report on the hair growth yet, but it’s certainly very soothing & moisturizing to Coco’s skin. And she enjoys the application of it.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such wonderful products! Your products are a miracle in a jar! a life & sanity saver.

  12. Roann

    My dog is prone to sebaceous adenomas and a couple are in spots where my dog will scratch and/or lick them causing irritation. The Restore Salve is the only thing that helps to calm them down and also even appears to shrink them and make them flatter. This is so great because I don’t want to get them removed and have to put my dog under anesthesia. Thank you Farm Dog Naturals!!

  13. Heather Watts

    Love love love this product! After one use I can already see a difference on my dogs!!! Great product, fast shipping couldn’t ask for more! Definitely will be ordering more! Thanks a bunch!

  14. Rebecca

    I initially bought this for our German Shepherds paws that get itchy during rainy days. We had it on hand when she developed pyroderma. I applied it to her itchy spots and it calmed the itching and soothed her skin. She lies down immediately when I come to her with the jar! It’s been a lifesaver! This product will always be in our canine first aid kit.

  15. Gene

    I am truly convinced that Restore Salve is a real alternative to drugs for my Boxer, I’ve seen the results. So I’d recommend it to anyone.

  16. Jennifer

    I have been using the Restore salve on my Cocker Spaniel’s skin for over a year as needed when he gets spots that can best best described as hot spots. I’m not sure that’s what they are, but they are small oozing spots that turn into crusty scabs. His skin has had these issues on a off for a long time, and left unaddressed for very long they seem to expand and multiply and turn into nasty skin infection. I’ve had the vet diagnose it as skin infection at times and prescribed antibiotics and medicated shampoo when it got out of hand. Now I look for the spots in the early stage and apply the Restore salve on them with a q-tip when I find them. When I do this the sore is almost gone the next day! Literally it dries up and starts to heal over with healthy skin and shedding the dry scabby skin. It’s amazing to me how one treatment can do so much so fast! I monitor the spots and treat until they are gone within a few days, and we have been able to stay out of the vets office for skin issues! I will continue to use this product and may try some of the others.

  17. Kendell Horton

    My 10 month old Maltipoo puppy is allergic to flea bites and before we got the fleas under control, he had chewed his poor testicles raw and red one weekend recently. They also swelled up. He was miserable from the itching and then from the pain of the raw spot he caused from the chewing. I remembered that I had recently gotten a jar of the Restore salve, but had not yet opened it. I grabbed it and applied some to my puppy and it was instant relief for him!!!? We did have to reapply 3-4 times a day, but it always gave him relief and gave the area time to completely heal up!!! No visit to the vet was needed. I have since reordered more of the Restore and also the Salvation salve to keep on hand. Thank you for such an amazing, safe, and natural solution!!!❤️

  18. Stephanie

    I do not remember where I bought this jar of RESTORE, but I am so glad I saved the jar! I started using this 6 months ago for my little Yorkie- whatever, on her oozing bumbs on her back only! Still looking for the cause! We had a flea infestation last summer and I used DIATOMACIOUS EARTH on all animals and inside my home. But they had bitten us all. This is THE THING , RESTORE, that gives her hours of relief, and wow, it heals, and her hair is coming back beautiful. Thankyou!!

  19. Heidi

    I have a very old Lab who has many allergies and very sensitive skin. A few weeks ago she started itching on her tummy. The vet tried everything. Nothing worked. Someone suggested a salve…no help. She was getting so bad and so incredibly miserable we were wondering if she should be put down. Then someone suggested we try Farm Dog Restore. In less than a week I was down to using it only once a day!! Her tummy was so sore to the touch and Restore goes on very smoothly. I could put it on so gently without causing her pain. Usually her tummy is off limits but she would lie right down and let me apply it. We have gone from sleepless nights to both of us sleeping very soundly! She even found her kong yesterday and played with it….as much as a thirteen and a half year old baby can play! ( of course it was during a Zoom meeting!!!)
    Thank you Farm Dog for making my old puppy feel good again!!

  20. Tony

    I am SO glad I found this product and took a chance on it. I have two pitbulls on a farm property, both of whom received wounds in the last year. The one had two punctures that were stitched and RESTORE healed them so well I can’t even locate them anymore. The other just cut her snout badly and after only two days of applying restore the nasty wound is already healing well. Neither dog scratched nor got infected which is no small feat. I rarely but reviews but this stuff is a lifesaver.!

  21. Lynn

    My German Shepherd has had terrible bouts of yeast and nothing would help the itch except this! At first we went the vet route and the yeast would eat his topical cream for breakfast! The moment I put this in my dogs ear he stops scratching. It’s the best itch cream I’ve ever used….I actually will use it sometimes on MY skin when I get a cut or itch.

    We have since gotten on a raw diet and are using doggie probiotics. Huge improvement! This cream is a godsend!

  22. Rachel L

    Got the Restore for my Pibble’s itchy feet when allergies flare and it helps every time. Also been helpful on some crusty spots on her ear flaps. Will purchase again!

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